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Amusing books and lively storytelling programs from Indiana to Ireland to outer space.

Galactic Detective Agency

Galactic Detective Agency

Gabriel Lake is just a regular computer guy from Indianapolis … until he is recruited into this series of lighthearted murder mysteries in space. Under the guidance of the brilliant Oren Vilkas, the Galactic Detective Agency hops from one weird world to another to take on quirky aliens and solve interstellar crime.

Book 1 - A Town Called Potato

Book 2 - The Maltese Salmon

Book 3 - Return of the Judy

Book 4 - The Big Sneep

Book 5 - Murder on the Girsu Express

Book 6 - The Cormabite Maneuver

Book 7 - Trouble in Paradox

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Pelham & Blandings

Pelham and Blandings

Pelham G. Totleigh is an unlikely hero. His species, Haplors, are smaller than most others in the galaxy. And as his Aunt Agutha constantly reminds him, he is hardly the smartest or most industrious of Haplors. He also has an unfortunate habit of stumbling his way into the most outrageous and hilarious predicaments. Fortunately, his faithful valet Blandings has enough brainpower for both of them and is always there with a brilliant idea and an excellent cup of tea. This series is a loving tribute to and re-imagining of the Jeeves and Wooster stories of PG Wodehouse. Join Pelham and Blandings on their comic misadventures through space.

Book 1 - Viva Lost Vogus

Book 2 - The Importance of Being Pelham

Book 3 – The Code of the Totleighs (coming summer 2024)

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Stories from Celtic Lands

Stories from Celtic Lands

Here are stories new and old, traditional and modern, tall tales and real history, poems and stories as told by storyteller Gary Blaine Randolph in his performances. In these stories you will travel with Gary around Ireland and Scotland, experience the myths and legends, and jump back into history to meet Robert the Bruce, Grace O'Malley, the Black Douglas, Alice Kyteler, and more. You'll find fun stories for young children and gory tales to startle even grownups.

"Gary Randolph is a delightful storyteller whose love of all things Irish and Scottish shines through in this collection of stories and poems."

"Gary Randolph does an excellent job of transporting the reader to another time, another land."

"Good Author and Storyteller"

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Alien World

Alien World

Marooned on an alien planet -- Earth!

It was an amazing scientific discovery. There could be no mistaking the radio signals. Intelligent life existed on another planet. And though the journey to this planet called Earth would take decades, there was so much they could learn from going there. But then things went terribly wrong when their ship crash landed on Earth. Now the lone survivor is stranded there, forced to live out decades on an alien world. Can he navigate Earth culture and pass himself off as an Earthling without making mistakes that would give away his secret? Can he evade the American Air Force that is hunting him? And can he ever get back home again?

"Bold narrative from an alien point of view."

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