Gary Randolph, Storyteller
Amusing books and lively storytelling programs from Indiana to Ireland to outer space.


In Gary Randolph's presentations, the focus is always on entertainment. Even historical stories often have moments of humor. But beyond the entertainment, the stories, poems, jokes, and songs also serve to paint a picture of life in another time or place. So audiences can truly enter into the experience. And while they are being entertained, they might just learn a thing or two as well.

Every program will be customized to your groups needs. Is the group mainly children? Gary has kids songs. Do you have a women's group? Gary has jokes making fun of men. Are you interested in Ireland, Scotland, Indiana, American history or some other time and place? We can do that.

Below are a few of the programs that have / can be performed.

    Indy Irish Fest
  • Travels in Ireland - Stories of a day of serendipitous adventure in Ireland and how I was mistaken for a Mayo man, along with my favorite Irish songs, a poem about an otter that wandered into a little Irish town, and more.
  • The Scots are Already Your Friends - Travel through Scotland and meet its charming people. Take a dive into Scottish cultures with stories of Robert the Bruce, a straw doll that brings bad luck, and an enchanted fairy flag. Add in Robert Burns poems, Scottish love songs, and the tale of a brawl at a Scottish wedding.
  • Irish Women - Ireland is known for strong women from women in legend who saved the day to the true story of Irish Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley. Plus so many songs about lovely Irish lasses and jokes and poems mostly at the expense of men.
  • Fables - A school program with stories, songs, and poems that teach life lessons.
  • Down Home Indiana - The true story of how I was chased by a headless chicken, a raid on the senior class party, the feed sack family, plus Ernie Pyle, Hoagy Carmichael, and other stories and songs from the banks of the Wabash.
  • Tales of the Sea - Set sail with poems, sea shanties, and stories of the high seas. You can even learn to talk like a pirate!
  • Thomas Meagher, Irish Patriot and Civil War General - Thomas Meagher witnessed the Irish Great Hunger, led a rebellion against England, was sentenced to and escaped from the prison colony in Tasmania, and came to the United States where he organized and led the Civil War's Irish Brigade.
  • St. Patrick's Day - Stories and poems of leprechauns and Irish legends, songs of Ireland, even the story of St. Patrick himself.
  • Halloween Stories - Learn about the ancient Irish festival of Samhain that became our Halloween. Hear spooky tales of a haunted Edinburgh graveyard. Sing along with favorite Halloween songs, and hear a poem about the spooky creatures coming to my door.
  • Thanksgiving - The true, amazing story of pilgrim families, the advantages of having one leg, and songs of Thankgiving including The Thanksgiving Blues.
  • An Irish/Scottish Christmas - Celtic Christmas carols, the Scottish festival of Hogmany, the story of two nefarious Irish salmon poachers, and more.
  • Burns Night - Every January 25 Scotland celebrates the poet Robert Burns. I can't bring haggis, but I can give you poems, songs, and stories to introduce you to Bard of Ayrshire's insight and wit.