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Beltany Stone Circle, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Located in Anderson, Indiana, Gary Randolph is an author and storyteller. His books spin tales (generally with a heaping spoonful of humor) of murder mysteries and wacky aliens in outer space. As a storyteller he performs around central Indiana to both adults and children. He weaves together a mix of stories, songs, poems, and jokes that can transport audiences into another time and place. He specializes in stories of Ireland and Scotland, but is equally comfortable talking and singing about growing up in Indiana, pirates, history and more. Welcome!

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The Code of the Totleighs

The Code of the Totleighs
Pelham & Blandings Book 3

Pelham G. Totleigh may not be the sharpest Haplor living in the terraforming colony on the moon of Sonus. Nor the most hardworking. But he is a Haplor of his word.

So when he meets an unusual little alien who is lost and alone, Pelham promises to help it find its family and its way home. Meanwhile, his Aunt Agutha is insisting Pelham obtain a certain Earth item for his uncle’s birthday. And while Pelham is trying to do all that, a young female drafts him into a doubtful scheme to get her father to approve of her engagement.

Juggling all these competing goals inevitably lands Pelham in an uproarious and madcap mess. Fortunately, his faithful valet Blandings is always at hand with a helpful idea and a perfect cup of tea. Which is a good thing because it’s The Code of the Totleighs for Pelham to always keep his promises.

"I smiled all the way through it."

"Another great story! Keezo is a lovable character, and we continue to laugh at the galaxy's fascination with Earth culture and customs."

"Enjoyed this one — particularly the leg lamp. Interesting characters as usual."

"Pelham and Blandings make a brilliant pairing."

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